TONMA Pruning Shears [Made in Japan] Professional 8 Inch Premium Plant Garden Scissors Secateurs with Ergonomic Handle (TP-2)

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  • Japan SK5 steel
  • Imported, Made in japan
  • [ POWERFUL CUTTING ABILITY ] – The garden pruning shears are made of Japanese stainless steel (SK5 steel) which can easily trim branches with a diameter of 1 inch, heavy-duty and sharp.
  • [ JAPAN PRECISION SAFETY LOCK ] – The garden clippers have been improved the safety lock with a tight clip. No matter the garden scissors work in which mode, the locking button will stay tight and will not slide easily.
  • [ COMFORTABLE GRIP ] – The best gardening tools – TONMA pruning scissors have Ergonomically designed handles that can reduce hand pain after prolonged trimming.
  • [ PLANT PROTECTION ] – The branches cut by this garden hand pruner are on a perfectly smooth cutting surface, which is very important for the plant to keep growing. Ideal for cutting stems, light branches of bonsai, fruiter, trees, rose bush and shrubs.
  • [ LIFETIME SERVICE INCLUDED ] – We are so confident you’ll LOVE your new pruning shears that a lifetime service is included in your purchase, along with our trademark customer support. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply contact us and we will make it right.
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Garden Scissors Maintenance:

After each pruning branches, wipe the blade wash with water and clean with a cloth, it can be applied appropriately with lubricating oil to maintain a more sharp and durable.

Smooth, clean & fast cuts with Japan SK5 steel blade

SK-5 is high-carbon tool grade steel from Japan, the hardest available on the market(HRC: 59±1). The SK-5 blade on these garden shears have been carefully molded for optimal cutting and sharpened to perfection, so you can enjoy razor sharp cuts of up to 25mm in diameter. Prune your favorite plants, flowers, bushes and hedges with ease – smoothly cut through stems, branches, roots, vines and more.

Ergonomic grip is comfortable in your hand

The forged aluminum handles of the TONMA pruning shears are ergonomically designed to always be comfortable, even after long hours of using your secateurs.

Long-lasting, dependable and reliable

Built to last through all the seasons, the TONMA pruning shears is a true investment in your garden. Both the blade and handle are corrosion and rust-resistant, our attention to detail and quality ensure these pruners will serve your needs for years to come.

A great gift that makes every gardener smile

Are you looking for a perfect Holiday gift for garden loving friends & family, our TONMA Pruning Shears will create a big smile on their faces. It doesn’t matter if they are avid gardeners or if they just have to cut some flowers now and then. Unboxing these gardening shears is a pleasure for everyone, father, mother, son, daughter or best friend.

Weight 8.6 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 2.95 × 0.7 in


28 reviews for TONMA Pruning Shears [Made in Japan] Professional 8 Inch Premium Plant Garden Scissors Secateurs with Ergonomic Handle (TP-2)

  1. hailey

    I’m incredibly impressed with these Japanese pruning shears. They’re sharp, precise, ergonomic, and durable, making them an essential tool for any gardener. Highly recommend these shears to anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile tool that will make gardening easier and more enjoyable.

  2. jc

    They worked great for my gardening needs. A great value. I’ve used them all summer and still going strong.

  3. Warren E

    I’ve been gardening for years, and I’ve tried every pruning shear under the sun. what I love most about these shears is how gentle they are on my plants. The blades are designed to make clean cuts without damaging delicate tissues, so my plants stay healthy and happy. And the ergonomic handles make pruning so comfortable, I could do it all day (if my plants would let me). They’re the best investment I’ve ever made for my garden.

  4. Samson.W

    I worked as a gardener for almost twenty years and these pruners immediately impressed me with the cutting power and precision… I am so pleased with them and they are very easy to use. Every gardener would benefit from having a pair of TONMA.

  5. harry.p

    This is the second set of TONMA pruners we have purchased. I bought these for a gift because my daughter was borrowing her husbands most of the time. He is really picky about others using his so I bought a pair just for her own use! I know how much I use mine, they are a great asset for any Gardener!

  6. Lily.k

    Very pleased with the strength and comfort factors! Trimming roses were easy. Cut very smoothly without much effort.

  7. Richard.L

    I really LOVE these pruners is how they make gardening so enjoyable. The ergonomic handles fit perfectly in my hands, and the lightweight design that I can work for hours without getting tired. Already recommended to my friends!

  8. annabell

    Well made. Cuts my rose bushes like butter!

  9. DougKK

    I’ve been using Felco pruners for a long time and always found them very decent for their cost, but TONMA pruners just put them to shame. Gosh, their performance is absolutely incredible! The feel is amazing! Strongly recommend!

  10. Leonard H

    I love the safety lock feature. It gives me peace of mind knowing that the blades won’t accidentally open when I’m not using them. The comfortable grip is another plus. I can use these shears for hours without my hands getting tired. They are very affordable, and I feel like I am getting a great value for my money.

  11. Oscar

    As a seasoned gardener with a green thumb, I’ve tried my fair share of pruning shears, but nothing quite compares to the finesse of Japanese pruning shears. These sleek and sturdy tools have become my go-to companions in my sprawling backyard, effortlessly slicing through branches like a hot knife through butter. Their razor-sharp blades make pruning a breeze. They’re the perfect addition to any gardener’s arsenal.


    They’re sharp, precise, and they make pruning a breeze. And the safety lock is a must-have, trust me.

  13. Mark K.

    I am a fan of both Felco and Corona gardening tools. Both are high quality, Felco being better IMO.
    These shears are every bit as good as similar Felco shears, but at a much better price. Japanese steel is strong and stays sharp. These are clean cuts and smooth. I really enjoy their ergonomics and they ease and security of the latching mechanism. Flawless. I’m buying 2 more as gifts for my gardening adult children.
    So yeah, I recommend them. 😉

  14. McL-DixieJill

    The quality of these trimmers are outstanding! I have bought many brands and this one out shines all of them hands down! Fits nicely in my hand, easy to work, top notch materials and I doubt if I will ever buy anything other than TONMA now. Highly recommend!

  15. Masa boy

    I own pruners from 6 different brands. The Felco is what I am carrying on my belt when I am on a trail but the TONMA is what I am taking to my yard. It feels like I am having more control with it, get very clean cuts, and its has very little resistance. A perfect companion to select some flowers in the garden, cut dead flower stems and twigs, and even arrange flowers for a vase. I will buy this as a gift for my gardening friends!

  16. bingo123

    I used these last night for the first time and they seem incredibly sharp – cutting through branches like butter. I feel this was a good investment in a tool I use all the time in my yard that is full of trees and bushes in need of the occasional taming.

  17. Brown

    Pruner slices through wood branches cleanly. My wife is the primary user and she loves it!

  18. Kelly

    This is a nice upgrade for me. I have lots of plants, flowers and small trees around my home. I regularly thin out dead branches and bushes as well. All of it to keep my garden healthy. These shears are very sharp and cut through all of it really easily. These are much better than the previous shears I had. They fit my hands well and my hands don’t get tired fast. That was a big problem I had with the previous shears I owned. They feel very solid and durable. I did have to apply some pressure to lock them but it locks easier every time I do this. When locked it is locked very firmly which I like for safety reasons as small kids play in my garden often. I’m really happy with these gardening shears and highly recommend them!!

  19. Theo.k

    The improved safety lock is a great feature. It gives me peace of mind knowing that the shears won’t accidentally open and close while I’m using them.

  20. Asher

    These pruners are incredibly sharp! They easily glide through stems and branches up to 1 inch thick, leaving clean cuts with minimal effort.

  21. Sean

    Every detail is thoughtfully considered. The stainless steel spring gently assists in blade opening after each cut, minimizing hand fatigue and maximizing pruning speed. This seemingly small feature makes a noticeable difference in workflow, especially during large pruning projects.

  22. Larry

    I can’t recommend these Japanese pruning shears enough. They’re the best I’ve ever used, and I know they’ll make your gardening life a lot easier too.

  23. Lucas

    Japanese steel cuts thick branches (up to 1 inch!) like butter. Hope they stay sharp for years.

  24. Charlotte

    This pruner has become my go-to tool for prepping flowers. It tackles rose stems, hydrangea blooms, and even woody eucalyptus with ease. The ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold for long stretches of arranging. While it might not handle the thickest branches, it’s perfect for most floral work.

  25. Elena

    Let’s be honest, this pruner looks kinda fancy with that sleek design. But hey, who doesn’t want a good-looking tool in their shed? More importantly, it makes clean cuts on all kinds of plants, from my hydrangeas to my blueberry bushes.

  26. Mike.R

    While the initial cost might seem higher than some standard pruners, the efficiency, precision, and durability of this Japanese pruner make it worth the investment. It saves me time and effort, leading to better harvests and increased profitability.

  27. Phoebe

    Okay, maybe not brain surgery, but these blades are seriously sharp! No more squishing delicate stems or leaving ragged edges. My plants are looking cleaner and healthier already.

  28. Evelyn

    Those bulky pruners always left my hands sore after a day of trimming. This Japanese pruner handles fit my grip perfectly. No more hand cramps, just happy snipping! Just a heads-up, folks with smaller hands might find them a tad big.

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