TONMA Anvil Pruning Shears [Made in Japan] 8″ Sharp Garden Shears for Gardening, Heavy Duty Hedge Trimmers, Garden Clippers, Pruner, Garden Tools Pruning Scissors for Indoor & Outdoor Plants, Branch (TP-6)

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  • Japan SK5 stainless steel
  • Imported, Made in Japan
  • [ POWERFUL CUTTING ABILITY ] – The heavy duty anvil pruning shears for gardening are made of Japanese SK5 stainless steel, well known for its hardness, wear resistance, and sharpenability. The Japanese SK5 steel blades can easily trim branches with a diameter of 1 inch. With minimal care, the blades will remain sharp and outlast all other gardening shears for years.
  • [ PRECISION SAFETY LOCK ] – The bypass garden shears have an improved easy safety lock. Once locked, the blades will stay tightly closed and will not accidentally open unless you release the safety lock.
  • [ COMFORTABLE GRIP ] – The best gardening tools TONMA hedge shears – Ergonomically designed pruning scissors handles greatly reduce hand pain after prolonged trimming. Ambidextrous for both right and left hand users. The stainless steel spring easily opens the blades after each cut making pruning more efficient.
  • [ Anvil VS Bypass Pruning Shears ] – Anvil Pruning Shears are ideal for dead wood cutting; The bypass garden hand pruner is better for live wood branches cutting stems, bonsai, fruiter, trees, rose bushes and shrubs, Both TONMA pruning shears’ sharp high-quality blades provide smooth clean cuts.
  • [ LIFETIME WARRANTY ] – We are so confident you’ll LOVE your new pruning shears for gardening that we provide a lifetime warranty and exceptional customer support. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us and we will make it right.
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Garden Shears Maintenance:

After each use, clean the blades and dry with a clean cloth. Applying a light coating of mineral oil or any type of cooking oil after each use will significantly increase the durability of the blades. Petroleum based oils will work just as well but can have negative effects on your plants unless the blades are thoroughly cleaned properly before each use. With the proper simple maintenance these pruning shears will last many years.

TONMA has been focused on scissors manufacturing for 25 years.

TONMA Traditional Forged Scissors are a great mix of cutting performance and lasting durability.

Smooth, clean & fast cuts with Japan SK5 steel blade

SK-5 is high-carbon tool grade steel from Japan, the hardest available on the market(HRC: 59±1). The SK-5 blade on these anvil garden shears has been carefully molded for optimal cutting and sharpened to perfection, so you can enjoy razor sharp cuts of up to 1 inch (25mm) in diameter. Prune your favorite plants, flowers, bushes and hedges with ease – smoothly cut through stems, branches, roots, vines and more.

Ergonomic grip – Ambidextrous

The forged aluminum handles of the TONMA pruning shears are ergonomically designed for both left and right handed users. They remain comfortable even after long hours of pruning.

Long-lasting, dependable and reliable

Built to last through all the seasons, the TONMA garden shears are a true investment in your garden. Both the blade and handle are corrosion and rust-resistant, our attention to detail and quality ensure these pruners will serve your needs for years to come.

A great gift that makes every gardener smile

Are you looking for the perfect gift for garden loving friends & family. It doesn’t matter if they are avid gardeners or if they just cut some flowers now and then. TONMA pruners will surely create a big smile on their faces for many years.

25 reviews for TONMA Anvil Pruning Shears [Made in Japan] 8″ Sharp Garden Shears for Gardening, Heavy Duty Hedge Trimmers, Garden Clippers, Pruner, Garden Tools Pruning Scissors for Indoor & Outdoor Plants, Branch (TP-6)

  1. Geroge.han

    Excellent tool. I enjoy gardening as a hobby. I’ve been using these pruners for a few weeks now, and I can’t recommend them enough. They’re the perfect size for my hands, and they’re very comfortable to use. I use them for everything from pruning my shrubs to trimming my herbs. They’ve made gardening a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


    As a professional landscaper, I’ve tried just about every brand of pruning shears on the market. And I can honestly say that these TONMA pruners are the best I’ve ever used. They’re incredibly durable, and they hold their edge like a champ. I use them day in and day out, and they’ve never let me down. Great product!

  3. Bull.k

    I’m always looking for ways to save money in the garden, and these Japanese pruning shears have definitely helped me do that. They’re very affordable, especially considering their high quality. I’ve also found that they’re very durable, so I don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Skip the junk and treat yourself to a tool that will last many years.

  4. Nussbaum.k

    I’ve had many hand pruners over the years. After going through 2-3 pairs of cheap pruners that all rusted over a few years, I decided to get a good pair of pruners. Had them only for a few months. So far, so good! Cut through stems like butta’. Excellent tool.

  5. Stan.lee

    I work for a fruit farm and am tired of buying pruners that don’t work well or don’t last. I think I have finally solved my problem. The TONMA pruners I bought are amazing, very high quality and they are very sharp and cut through most applications with ease, even some that I normally wouldn’t even try to cut. Good buy, I could not be more pleased!!

  6. Brandon

    This sturdy tool has quickly become my go-to for tackling those stubborn branches and stems that often give me trouble. Whether deal with dead branches, stubborn stems, or delicate live growth, this tool can handle it all. I highly recommend investing in an anvil pruner.


    One of the things I love most about my anvil pruner is its versatility. It’s not just limited to tackling dead or dry wood; it also handles live stems with ease. The precise cutting action ensures clean, healthy cuts.

  8. Robin

    I was immediately impressed by the Japanese tool craftsmanship and functionality. Great product!

  9. Alexis

    The blades are incredibly sharp and effortlessly glide through even the toughest branches.

  10. Barbaraaa

    Great pruners that can handle any pruning tasks. I highly recommend these to any gardener who is looking for a high-quality tool.

  11. Charles

    These anvil pruners making it much easier to cut through tough, dead wood.

  12. D. cai

    I don’t usually make generalizations like this, but Made in Japan gardening tools are AWESOME in my experience. These Tonma Anvil shears are no exception. Super sharp. Well built. Nice clean cuts. Hefty feel in the hands. They even included an extra spring in the box.

    Ideally, anvil shears are for trimming dead wood, but I had these anvil shears on hand, and I wanted to prune an out of control shrub. The spring action is very good. These Japanese Tonma shears are replacing a Melnor pair. Will probably purchase the Tonma bypass shears next.

  13. Garuda

    The pruner has an easy opening latching mechanism. The blades are very sharp and the pruner works well. It’s very well made and sturdy. The blade is non stick and teflon coated and replaceable. The anvil is easily adjusted with one screw. The pruner cuts cleanly without a lot of effort. It also comes with an extra spring.

  14. ADEL.B

    I was surprised how sharp this secateur was, when I first used it to prune my rose plants for winter. It easily and smoothly cut the branches of 3/4” (20 mm) of diameter. The handles with rubber cover helped my fingers keep a firm hold and get a precise cut. I liked how the spring and the lock were made.
    I love it and highly recommend these “Made in Japan” shears to all gardeners.

  15. Raymond Scott

    Really impressed with TONMA pruners. I am an average landscaper and use these often during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. These pruners are very sharp, so be careful with them. I wear size Men’s Large gloves, and these pruners fit and work within my hand great. They will cut through more than 1 inch thick, you’ll just have to use a little more of your own strength. Highly recommend!

  16. EJ

    They are sturdy shears which make clean cuts and are easy to maneuver.

  17. Aaron

    As a seasoned horticulturist, I’ve wielded countless pruning shears throughout my career. Few, however, have impressed me as much as the TONMA pruning shears. These shears meticulous craftsmanship and user-centric design, making them a worthy addition to any professional gardener’s arsenal.

  18. Joey.l

    The stainless steel blades are very sharp and can easily cut through branches up to 1 inch in diameter. I was able to make clean cuts through both green and dry wood without any problems.

  19. Iris

    I highly recommend the TONMA pruning shears to anyone seeking a professional-grade pruning tool that delivers precise cuts, enhanced safety, and lasting performance. These shears are a game-changer for anyone who takes their gardening seriously.

  20. Ray

    These are an excellent pair of pruning shears. I would highly recommend to gardeners of all experience levels.

  21. Sean

    Clean cuts are everything in the garden, and this pruner delivers. No more ragged edges or crushed stems that can stress my plants. Happy, healthy plants mean a happier gardener, me!

  22. Ryan Jason

    The robust construction and high-quality materials give me confidence this pruner will be a reliable companion for years to come. Taking proper care, like oiling the blade, is key, but it feels like a well-built tool.

  23. Theo

    Thinning fruit clusters and removing deadwood requires precision, and this pruner delivers. The sharp blade allows for controlled cuts, ensuring I don’t accidentally damage healthy buds or branches. This translates to better fruit quality and yield.

  24. Mc

    I was hesitant about the price at first, but this pruner feels like a solid investment. It’s definitely a step up from the cheap stuff, but compared to other high-end pruners, it’s not crazy expensive.

  25. Lucas

    I used to worry about damaging plants with dull pruners. This Japanese pruner makes clean cuts, which supposedly helps them heal faster. Maybe that’s why my clematis finally decided to bloom this year!

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