TONMA [Made in Japan] Kitchen Shears Heavy Duty, Multipurpose Stainless Steel Poultry Shears Dishwasher Safe, Japanese Kitchen Scissors Sharp Non-Slip Cooking Scissors for Chicken, Fish, Food, Herbs (TKM-6)

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  • Japan SK4 steel
  • Imported, Made in Japan
  • [ RESTAURANT GRADE KITCHEN SHEARS ] – The blades of kitchen shears heavy duty powerful are made of high-strength Japanese SK4 heavy duty stainless steel (4mm blades thickness, HRC: 60±1), the TONMA multipurpose kitchen scissors all-purpose have heavy-duty built quality lasts a lifetime, great as herb scissors, cooking food scissors, utility scissors, craft scissors, tailor fabric scissors.
  • [ AMAZING PERFORMANCE ] – A great gift of kitchen poultry scissors not only performs extraordinarily well in all major kitchen tasks, such as cutting king crab, lobster, fish, seafood, BBQ meat, chicken, spatchcock butterflying poultry, bones, vegetables, herbs, but also in daily use, such as cutting card-boards, papers, hard plastic of product boxes, trimming flower stems, twine, fabric, food packing, etc. These multifunctional solid herb scissors are designed for any Heavy Duty.
  • [ EASY TO USE ] – The kitchen shears have aluminum alloy ergonomic non-slip larger handles to provide the best comfortable gripping feel and leverage for effortless cutting, so you won’t get sore or tired when you need to use them for an extended time. Great kitchen utensils set for women, men, adults.
  • [ EASY TO CLEAN ] – Japanese quality stainless steel can be a powerful protection against rust, also anticorrosion performance was excellent. After using kitchen scissors all-purpose, wash them by hand (recommend) or simply put them in the dishwasher with no worry about rusting.
  • [ LIFETIME SERVICE INCLUDED ] – We are so confident you’ll love your new kitchen shears all purpose that a lifetime replacement warranty service is included in your purchase, along with our trademark customer support. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply contact us and we will make it right.
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Kitchen Scissors Maintenance:

After each use, wipe the edge of the blade wash with water and clean with a cloth, If the kitchen scissors are not used for a long time, it can be applied appropriately with edible oil to maintain a more sharp and durable.

Smooth, clean & fast cuts with Japan SK4 steel blade

SK-4 is high-carbon tool grade steel from Japan, the hardest available on the market(HRC: 60±1)The SK4 blade on these kitchen scissors has been carefully molded for optimal cutting and sharpened to perfection, so these professional chef scissors are great for cutting herb, raw meat, turkey, sausage, poultry, pizza, bbq, fish, seafood, chicken wings and bones.

Ergonomic grip is comfortable in your hand

The handles of the TONMA poultry shears are ergonomically designed, well-shaped grip to the form of your hand makes it very comfortable to hold while processing food. even after long hours of using your herbs scissors.

Long-lasting, dependable and reliable

Built to last through all the seasons, the Large size TONMA kitchen poultry scissors is a true investment in your kitchen. Both the blade and handle are corrosion and rust-resistant, our attention to detail and quality ensure these kitchen scissors all purpose will serve your needs for years to come.

A great gift that makes every chef smile

Are you looking for a perfect Holiday gift for cooking loving friends & family, our heavy-duty TONMA heavy duty kitchen Scissors will create a big smile on their faces. Unboxing these kitchen ​shears is a pleasure for everyone, father, mother, son, daughter or best friend.

31 reviews for TONMA [Made in Japan] Kitchen Shears Heavy Duty, Multipurpose Stainless Steel Poultry Shears Dishwasher Safe, Japanese Kitchen Scissors Sharp Non-Slip Cooking Scissors for Chicken, Fish, Food, Herbs (TKM-6)

  1. Tinaaa

    I’m so glad I upgraded to these kitchen shears. They’re a world of difference from the cheap ones I used to have. They’re super sharp, durable, and easy to use. I use them for everything in the kitchen, and they’ve never let me down. I highly recommend these shears to anyone who loves to cook!

  2. allan.wong

    Deboning meat can be a tricky task, but these shears make it easy. The angled blades make it easy to get under the bones, and the sharp edges make quick work of cutting through meat. I also use these shears to trim tendons and fat from meat. These shears are a must-have for any home cook who wants to debone their own meat!

  3. johnny.g

    What a true multipurpose tool. I use them for everything from cutting meat and vegetables to opening packages and scaling fish. They’re sharp, durable, and easy to use. I highly recommend these shears to any home cook!


    I have bought TONMA shears for a while, and slowly replacing all my kitchen scissors with TONMA. I am an outdoorsman, hunting and fishing plus I know my way around the kitchen, so I need good, sharp shears and they haven’t disappointed me yet! VERY Sharp, good quality, easy to sharpen and comfortable in your hand, can not beat a TONMA shears and the price!! highly recommended!!

  5. Scott

    These are a pair of very useful shears I use these for trimming poultry either cooked or raw , cutting leafy greens has also been a job I don’t have to use my good chefs knife to cut as these do a great job on lettuces , spinach , collards etc. Cutting green onions and chives is a breeze as well as any herbs that I want to cut very uniformly. I have no negative comments.

  6. hallo.Dee

    I absolutely love the TONMA kitchen scissors! These scissors have become an indispensable tool in my kitchen. The comfortable handles make them easy to use for extended periods without hand fatigue. They’re incredibly sharp and cut through herbs, vegetables, and even poultry with ease. I appreciate the quality and durability of these scissors; they’ve held up beautifully over time. Overall, a fantastic addition to any kitchen – highly recommended!

  7. joycecc

    Great shears! I love using fresh herbs in my cooking, but chopping them by hand can be a pain. These Japanese kitchen shears are the perfect solution! They’re sharp enough to snip through herbs with ease and maneuver easily. Plus, they’re so much faster than using a knife.

  8. BBBeatrice

    Forget about struggling with dull knives. These kitchen shears glide through meat, poultry, and even the densest vegetables with effortless precision. Highly recommended.

  9. Jimmy

    Excellent product! I love cooking, I LOVE these kitchen shears. I can easily cut the backbone from a whole chicken to flatten it out for the grill or oven. Super sharp, great quality, very happy with this purchase!

  10. Charlotte H

    Nice kitchen shears. Enjoy the joy of effortless precision and confident cooking.

  11. jeff

    Razor-sharp blades that slice through meat, poultry, veggies, and herbs like butter. No more struggling to cut through tough chicken skin or wrestling with slippery fish. These shears handle it all with ease.

  12. HymanAA

    These shears boast industrial-grade quality, evident in their sturdy stainless steel construction. They effortlessly handle everything from herbs and delicate pastries to roasts and tough poultry.

  13. Patricia J.

    I LOVE the TONMA Kitchen Shears for their impressive functionality and durability. These are a pair of very useful shears I use these for trimming poultry either cooked or raw, cutting leafy greens has also been a job I don’t have to use my good chefs knife to cut as these do a great job on lettuces, spinach, collards, etc. Cutting green onions and chives is a breeze as well as any herbs that I want to cut very uniformly. Their sharp blades and ergonomic design provided a comfortable and precise cutting experience. Overall, these kitchen shears have exceeded my expectations and made meal preparation an enjoyable and efficient process.

  14. dempsey

    As a passionate home cook, these kitchen scissors are more than just a kitchen tool, they’re an extension of my culinary creativity.

  15. Mullins

    These Japanese quality craftsmanship kitchen scissors, although a little heavier than the cheap, plastic models, have quality features that I expect to last for a lifetime. They have a very secure, comfortable grip. These have sharp blades with a robust fastening screw. The handles are wide for comfort when cutting tough things and are secured with two screws each. The handles have an internal, grooved set of ridges for twisting off stubborn caps, bottle cap opener, and a groved edge on one blade for cutting. This even has a center hole for cutting wires. The opening action is very smooth. These are now our best kitchen scissors.

  16. ChrisC

    Recently received my kitchen scissors and used them to trim the fat off of chicken. They were sharp, easy to handle in your hands, no extra effort in getting close to the meat. Some parts didn’t need cutting, just scraping, so I was able to take the scissors apart to scrap some of the fat off. Apart, the single blade acted like a knife, easy to hold in your hand and use. Using these shears/scissors, took no time at all in cutting the meat into chunks! I would definitely recommend these and the price is very affordable for the quality!!!!

  17. Erin

    Works as expected. Heavy duty and max functionality.

  18. Rosenberg

    Very impressed with these highest-quality scissors. Effortlessly cuts thru things my cheap scissors struggled with. Spend the extra money – well worth it. My only caveat is to keep them out of reach of children, because they are so sharp!
    So yeah, buy these. You WILL thank me!

  19. Athena

    As a busy mom, I’m always on the lookout for kitchen gadgets that make my life easier. These kitchen shears are like a mini superhero in my kitchen. They can cut through anything – meat, poultry, veggies, herbs – without breaking a sweat. The blades are super sharp and serrated, so they never slip, even on the slickest foods.

  20. Evie

    Grippy handles make cutting comfy, even for long jobs.

  21. Charlie

    The larger handles provide superior leverage, making every cut smooth and effortless. You’ll be surprised how much easier food preparation can be.

  22. Ollie M

    These TONMA kitchen shears are one-stop shop for all things chopping, snipping, and crafting. From conquering mountains of veggies to opening stubborn plastic packaging, they’re the ultimate sous-chef in disguise.

  23. Amber

    From king crab to delicate herbs, these Japanese steel blades conquer it all with ease.

  24. Astrid

    No more switching tools – these Japanese shears handle it all, from cooking to crafts. Plus, they clean up easy in the dishwasher.

  25. Ashley C

    I highly recommend these TONMA shears to anyone who values quality, functionality, and convenience in the kitchen.

  26. Renee

    Finally, kitchen scissors that actually cut! No more struggling with dull blades that mangle food. These TONMA shears make every chopping task a breeze.

  27. Ariel

    These kitchen shears are fantastic for chopping fresh herbs. They cut cleanly and evenly, without bruising the delicate leaves like a knife can. Plus, it’s so much faster than chopping with a knife!

  28. Esther.B

    These TONMA kitchen shears have become an essential tool in my kitchen. They make food prep faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Highly recommend them to any home cook who wants to ditch the struggle and embrace kitchen efficiency!

  29. Sylvia

    I was worried these Japanese shears might be heavy and clunky. But they’re surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to hold, even for someone with smaller hands like me. Huge improvement over those bulky shears that take up half my drawer!

  30. Ollies

    I love that these shears are all stainless steel. No more worries about rust or weird coatings. Plus, they clean up easily in the dishwasher, which is a major win in my busy kitchen.

  31. Elaine

    A Little Pricey, But Worth It. They were a bit more expensive than some basic shears, but trust me, the quality and versatility are worth it. No more replacing cheap shears that dull after a few uses.

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