TONMA Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors All Purpose [Made in Japan] Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears Dishwasher Safe Japanese Poultry Shears for Herbs, Chicken, Food, Garden, Office, Crafting, Leather, Fabric (TKM-5)

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  • Japan SK4 steel
  • Imported, Made in Japan
  • [ INDUSTRIAL QUALITY KITCHEN SHEARS ] – The blades of all purpose kitchen shears powerful are made of high-strength Japanese SK4 heavy duty stainless steel (4mm blades thickness, HRC: 60±1), the TONMA multipurpose kitchen scissors all-purpose have heavy-duty built quality lasts a lifetime, great as herb scissors, cooking food scissors, utility scissors, craft scissors, tailor fabric scissors.
  • [ AMAZING PERFORMANCE ] – A great gift of kitchen poultry scissors not only performs extraordinarily well in all major kitchen tasks, such as cutting king crab, lobster, fish, seafood, BBQ meat, chicken, spatchcock butterflying poultry, bones, vegetables, herbs, but also in daily use, such as cutting card-boards, papers, hard plastic of product boxes, trimming flower stems, twine, fabric, food packing, etc. These multifunctional solid herb scissors are designed for any Heavy Duty.
  • [ EASY TO USE ] – The kitchen shears have aluminum alloy ergonomic non-slip larger handles to provide the best comfortable gripping feel and leverage for effortless cutting, so you won’t get sore or tired when you need to use them for an extended time. Great kitchen utensils set for women, men, adults.
  • [ EASY TO CLEAN ] – Japanese quality stainless steel can be a powerful protection against rust, also anticorrosion performance was excellent. After using kitchen scissors all-purpose, wash them by hand (recommend) or simply put them in the dishwasher with no worry about rusting.
  • [ LIFETIME SERVICE INCLUDED ] – We are so confident you’ll love your new kitchen scissors all purpose that a lifetime replacement warranty service is included in your purchase, along with our trademark customer support. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply contact us and we will make it right.
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Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears Maintenance:

After each use, wipe the edge of the blade wash with water and clean with a cloth, If the kitchen scissors are not used for a long time, it can be applied appropriately with edible oil to maintain a more sharp and durable.

Smooth, clean & fast cuts with Japan SK4 steel blade

SK-4 is high-carbon tool grade steel from Japan, the hardest available on the market(HRC: 60±1)The SK4 blade on these kitchen scissors has been carefully molded for optimal cutting and sharpened to perfection, so these professional chef scissors are great for cutting herb, raw meat, turkey, sausage, poultry, pizza, bbq, fish, seafood, chicken wings and bones.

Ergonomic grip is comfortable in your hand

The handles of the TONMA poultry shears are ergonomically designed, well-shaped grip to the form of your hand makes it very comfortable to hold while processing food. even after long hours of using your herbs scissors.

Long-lasting, dependable and reliable

Built to last through all the seasons, the Large size TONMA kitchen poultry scissors is a true investment in your kitchen. Both the blade and handle are corrosion and rust-resistant, our attention to detail and quality ensure these kitchen scissors all purpose will serve your needs for years to come.

A great gift that makes every chef smile

Are you looking for a perfect Holiday gift for cooking loving friends & family, our heavy-duty TONMA heavy duty kitchen Scissors will create a big smile on their faces. Unboxing these kitchen ​shears is a pleasure for everyone, father, mother, son, daughter or best friend.

25 reviews for TONMA Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors All Purpose [Made in Japan] Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears Dishwasher Safe Japanese Poultry Shears for Herbs, Chicken, Food, Garden, Office, Crafting, Leather, Fabric (TKM-5)

  1. Yuzoh

    My husband needed a new pair of kitchen scissors. Exactly what he was looking for. Mind you, his hands are stubby but powerful and he finds it easy to use ergonomically. Perfect fit!

  2. Hanson

    I’m always looking for ways to speed up my meal prep, and these shears have definitely helped. The sharp blades glide through veggies like a hot knife through butter, and the angled design makes it easy to get into tight spaces.

  3. Rose Jenny

    I really love these food scissors. They seem very sharp to cut up all types of food. When I need to cut up food in small pieces, I usually hold them like I’m cutting bushes LOL. I will always have these on hand. They are the best scissors I’ve ever used. You will absolutely love them. They are also easy to hold too. Enjoy!!! Happy cutting!!

  4. NK

    I’ve never used shears that are as sharp as these. They can cut through even the toughest materials, like chicken bones and thick stems. They’re a real lifesaver in the kitchen.

  5. Gavinxx

    Slicing through roasts, shredding herbs, chopping seafood– they handle it all with impressive ease and control.

  6. jacob.k

    I’ve been using them for everything from chopping veggies to trimming meat, and they’re still as good as new. I’m so happy I bought these kitchen scissors.

  7. Leon M.

    Works well, very reasonably priced, sturdy. My last purchase that was cheap rusted on me after 2 uses but not these. They are sturdy and cleaning is easy. Most importantly they cut very well without hurting your hand – cut my frozen steak with not much effort. I can tell they will last me a while and very useful. Get these, won’t regret it!

  8. Kenneth

    The blades are so sharp, they could cut through a steak like butter. And the serrated edges grip everything like a vice, so even slippery veggies or stubborn meat are no match for them.

  9. marina2

    What I love about these shears is how easy they are to use. The handles are comfy and ergonomic, so my hands don’t get tired even when I’m using them for a long time. And they’re lightweight, so I can maneuver them with precision.

  10. Audrey

    These kitchen shears are a game-changer for me. They’re durable, easy to use, and make my cooking prep a breeze. I highly recommend them to any homemaker looking for a top-notch pair of kitchen shears.

  11. Captainwayne

    Extremely sharp and seem to be high quality steel. Handles large enough to be comfortable. Excellent value. I expect these will be the last kitchen shears I ever buy!

  12. Sophieeeeee.

    Wow. These are such good quality. Heavy duty but not cumbersome. Cuts through paper and cardboard like butter. I ordered these as a backup for another pair of scissors, but these have become my go to for all tasks. I might order a second pair for non-kitchen tasks. My family was with me when I opened these and they were amazed at how good the quality is and how well they cut.

  13. DonnaH

    This is my second pair of kitchen shears of this same brand. I love the first pair so much that my husband wants the second pair to leave on his boat. It sharps enough to cut through chicken bones. I use it for almost everything in my kitchen and it is very easy to use. The good part is that it is stainless steel and no worry of breaking off or rusting. Overall I am happy with this purchase.

  14. annebell

    Nice finish, pretty sharp and sturdy. The finger grooves are soft and easy on the hands. Overall good buy.

  15. Smith.J

    I bought these more than once as a gift. My mother in law use them in kitchen and light use in vegetable garden. She loves them.

  16. Charlene

    Ergonomic handles feel like a mermaid’s hug, even after hours of chopping. No more hand cramps or blisters!

  17. Mia

    Pop these bad boys in the dishwasher, no worries. They’re rust-proof and ready for next culinary adventure.

  18. Erin

    Super strong metal blades handle anything, from chicken bones to open packages.

  19. Eunice

    Forget wimpy shears! These Japanese kitchen scissors are super tough, crushing food like ninja stars through vegetables and meat.

  20. Cecilia.G

    Razor-sharp blades and comfortable grips make cutting effortless.

  21. Aiden R

    I love that these shears are a good size – not too big, not too small. They fit easily in my drawer and don’t take up much counter space when I’m using them.

  22. Asher S

    These TONMA kitchen shears are a game-changer! No more wrestling with tough chicken or fumbling with a knife and cutting board for herbs. They cut through everything with ease, saving me prep time and frustration.

  23. Eugene

    Don’t be fooled by the name! These shears are great for everything from spatchcocking a chicken to trimming pizza dough. They’ve become my go-to tool for all sorts of kitchen tasks.

  24. Felixxx

    My son is a chef, and even he was impressed with the sharpness of these shears. They slice through vegetables, meat, and even delicate herbs without crushing. No more mushy basil for my caprese salad!

  25. Xavierzz

    These shears feel sturdy enough to handle anything I throw at them (figuratively speaking!), yet they’re surprisingly lightweight. My hands don’t get tired even after chopping a mountain of veggies.

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